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Sirsaim Village

The Village Panchayat of Sirsaim is situated in Bardez Taluka of North Goa District of Goa State, India. It is located 24 KMtowardsNorth from  District  headquarters  Panaji.  24KM  from  Capital Panaji.  Sirsaim Village is surrounded by Pirna Village towards North , towards South Pernem Taluka  towards  east Bicholim Taluka towards west Mapusa. 

The residents were traditionally farmers with few families involved in fishing and toddy tapping. Artisans included carpenters, masons and makers of clay idols of Lord Ganesha. More recently several have taken employment in private and government enterprises while others have taken self-employment such as owner driven taxis, buses, mini trucks at Tivim Railway Station.

The Village Panchayat has 1 primary schools. It has one Rural Medical dispensary with visiting doctor.

The Village Panchayat consists of 7 wards. It has 5 male ward members and 2 female ward members representing their respective wards. Ward No.III & IV of Sirsaim villageis reserved for women.

Sirsaim Village has 2 School one is Government Primary school near Mahalaximi temple and one private St.Ann’s high school. Old aged home is situated at Walkeshwar waddo, Sirsaim in ward No.VII.

There is Sub-Health Centre in the Village near Rashtroli temple in ward No.I which is2kms from Gram Panchayat.

The people of Sirsaim have maintained their Village traditional culture, folk dance/drama by taking active part in the singing and GumatAarti completion to state level.

The Tivim Railway Station is situated in the Sirsaim Village in ward No. I and AncientKonsi spring is located at the northern side opposite to Village Panchayat Sirsaim.The people are visiting and taking benefit of konsi spring water falls in the rainy season.

Sirsaim is served by one main roadi.e Sirsaim to Mapusa road on the western side and Sirsaim to Bicholim on eastern side. There are many internal roads and links roads forming a fine network due to which all 7 wards have the benefits of these roads for each.

The major sources of income for the Panchayat is the house tax, fees, and grant –in- aid and other grants.

Sirsaim Village was a village of Agriculture: cultivated 2 crops, rice,  beans(halsane), grew fruits vegetables chilies etc. Sirsaim is rich in natural resources, springs, ponds, fields,river and in biodiversity- temples/churches/schools, let us preserve/maintain the identity of our Village natural resources and our heritage culture resources structures and sites. We try to develop our Village without destroying our natural resources so as to make it self-sufficient with a Vision “NIYOJIT AMCHO GAON, NITOL AMCHEM GOEM. (Our Planned Village, Our Clean Goa.